• Top 10 Bridesmaid Gifts

    Top 10 Bridesmaid Gifts

    Are you looking for items to fill your Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes or Thank You gifts for your Bridal Party? This blog lists the top 10 items to get your Bridesmaids. From shot glasses to sashes to robes, each and every gift is special. You can't go wrong with any - or all - of these gifts. 
  • How to Throw a Winter Bachelorette Party

    How to Throw a Winter Bachelorette Party

    Are you having a Flannel Fling or a Christmas Bachelorette party? Check out these 6 fun ideas for your Winter Bachelorette party! Who says you need to be sitting in sun with a drink in your hand to have fun! With these winter bachelorette party ideas, you can have an awesome bachelorette party all year round!  
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