Here are some answers to questions that we often get asked. If you don't see what you want here. please send us a message on our Contact Us page. or email us at
In order to provide the best prices we have set pack sizes that we send out using Amazon's logistics service. As a result we can't amend pack contents before they are sent but we can work with you to get an extra item or two to supplement the pack size. Please send us a message with what you are looking for and we will do our best help.

At this time we don't offer customization services but please let us know what you are looking for.

We love hearing from our customers, so let us know what you are looking for and you never know, it might become a product we launch in the future

Please contact us to ask. We have samples which we can send out. We always want our customers to be happy so we will work with you to get you what you want.
We are a US based company (sunny Florida is home to us). We design and develop our products here in the States before looking for the best manufacturer that matches our requirements. Where our products are made in the US we will state that on the listing but otherwise the product is sourced globally. Rest assured, we stand by our products no matter where they are made.
We offer 90 days hassle free returns. As long as your item hasn't been used, just send the item back to us, and we will refund you your purchase price. If there was anything wrong with your item, we will also refund any shipping fees. If you just decided you no longer needed the item, any shipping fees you incurred won't be refunded.
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