Vintage 1920s Bachelorette Party Guide

Vintage 1920s Bachelorette Party Guide

Looking to throw it back 100 years and give your Bride a Bachelorette Bash that even Gatsby would be proud of? Follow this super simple guide for all you need to know!


Headband photo credit: Unique Vintage

The 1920s flapper look is classic and easily recognizable, and you only need a few accessories to create it! Why not try these flapper headbands to create a perfectly elegant look? You could even throw on a feather boa to take your look to the next level!

Even if it's the 1920s, you still need to show your solidarity to your I Do crew! These Bachelorette sashes in black and gold tie in perfectly with the opulent colours of the era, while still showing that your squad is ready to have a good time! If you're looking for a gift to give as a Bachelorette party favour, these hair ties once again stay in the colour scheme, and can be used again and again!


Photo credit: Unique Vintage

There's no better time than a Bachelorette to go all out with your outfit, so go for a full-on flapper dress, like this one from Unique Vintage, or rent one from your local costume shop! 

If you're going for a more low key look, any evening or party dress will fit the theme. If it's a casual affair, these t-shirts follow the Gatsby theme with a fun 1920s twist!

Food & Drink

Just because it was the prohibition in the 1920s doesn't mean your party has to go alcohol-free! Why not try some vintage cocktails, like a Mint Julep or Gin Fiz, or keep it classy with champagne or prosecco. Top your drinks off with these gold Bachelorette straws to tie into the colour scheme!

Why not try this easy recipe for a Mint Julep from


  • 1/4 oz Simple syrup
  • 8 Mint leaves
  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • Garnish: Bitters
  • Garnish: Mint sprig


  • In a Julep cup or rocks glass, lightly muddle the mint and syrup.
  • Add the bourbon and pack tightly with crushed ice.
  • Stir until the cup is frosted on the outside.
  • Top with more crushed ice to form an ice dome and garnish with a mint sprig and few optional drops of bitters.

Serve bite-size appetizers to allow your guests to try everything - ideas could include deviled eggs, prawn cocktail, or a cheese and charcuterie board! 


Set the atmosphere with a 1920s jazz playlist to get the party started - there are plenty already created on Spotify, or you could make you own!

Set up a 1920s themed photo booth with these props from Etsy to get some insta-ready pics and ensure people have a memento of the night!


Decorate your space with black and gold for a Great Gatsby feel. Hang up gold fringe curtains to transform any area - these are affordable and make a great backdrop for any pictures you want to take. Scatter black and gold balloons across the floor, or fill them with helium so they float up to the ceilings! If you're having an open bar, set up this Gatsby themed sign to complete your 1920s theme.

To celebrate your bride, why not hang up this gold Bachelorette banner that can be customised to any name? Sprinkle this ring confetti across any surface to add some glitz! 



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