5 Virtual Bachelorette Party Themes

5 Virtual Bachelorette Party Themes

Even if your original Bachelorette has had to be postponed, you can still throw an amazing party virtually! One great way to get everyone in the mood is to give your virtual Bachelorette a theme - it not only makes the night feel extra special but also gives you and your Bride Tribe a chance to dress up and go all out! A virtual Bachelorette gives you and your friends the chance to do your favourite things together - albeit remotely - so take the time to treat yourself! 

90s Baby

Bring the 90s back with this classic Bachelorette theme! You can really go all out; dress up in your best 90s themed look, snack on your favourite childhood foods, and turn up that *NSYNC music! This is a super fun theme that is sure to cheer anyone up, and requires little to no prep - great for a last-minute Virtual Bachelorette!

Play a classic 90s game like MASH (check out our free printable), or watch your favourite 90s chick flick - some great ones to start with are Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, or Never Been Kissed. Download the Netflix party app so you can watch and chat at the same time!

Why create your own 90s themed trivia? Divide the categories between your Bachelorettes and ask everyone to come up with 5 questions and make a PowerPoint. Use Zoom to share your screen while asking the questions! This is the perfect way to see who has the best memory of the 1990s!

Classic Girls Night IN

Just because you can't go out, doesn't mean you can't have a Girls Night! This is the perfect excuse to put on your cutest dress and heels, and do your hair and makeup - a welcome break from wearing sweats all the time! You could even host a 'pre-game' where you all get ready together - often the best part of a night out!

Create a playlist of your Bride's favourite tunes, and be ready to take requests - Just because you're not all together, doesn't mean you can't dance together! Use it as an opportunity to let loose and have fun with your I Do Crew!

And of course, make sure you've got a drink with you! Challenge yourself to DIY a fancy cocktail, or just stick to wine. You could even host a cocktail making contest at the start of the party, with the most extravagant one, or the Bride's favourite, being named the winner! 

Beach Babe

Were you planning on going somewhere sunny for your Bachelorette? Well, why not bring the beach to you with a Beach Babe Virtual Bach? Get your swimwear and sunnies on and lounge on that towel - it's time for some deep relaxation! You could even change your Zoom background to your dream vacay location!

Your playlist can match your beach vibe - go for a spa playlist to chill out too, or your favourite summer tunes if you want to party! The best part of a socially distant beach bash is that you can have your music as loud as you want! 

Match the zen feel with some spa activities to really treat your Bride-to-be. If you've had the chance to plan far in advance, why not send her some self-care to use during the call? You could all do a facemask together, paint your nails, or even enlist her fiance to give her a massage! This is a super special way to make sure she knows how cared for she is, even in this challenging time.


If you're looking for a more low-key theme, why not throw a virtual sleepover? This is perfect if members of your Bachelorette crew have children, as it can take place once they're asleep! Have everyone get into their cosiest pyjamas - or go all out and order matching ones - and get comfy for a relaxed night spent with friends.

Most classic sleepover activities work really well virtually - you could do facemasks, watch your favourite old movies using Netflix Party, have each Bachelorette tell their favourite story about the bride, or even just catch up! Make sure you have classic sleepover snacks as well - popcorn is a must!

Why not play some truth or dare - a sleepover staple? If you want some ideas, check out our Virtual Bachelorette scavenger hunt printable - follow along or let the Bride pick and choose what she wants you to do! If you want more inspo, video call apps like HouseParty also have some fun games built-in!

Final Fiesta

Bring the Fiesta-feel into your home for a virtual Bachelorette that no one will ever forget! Go all out - make sure you're dressed for the occasion in your brightest outfit to make it really feel like a party! 

If you were already planning on using this as your Bachelorette theme, put any decor to good use in the background of your call, or even choose a fun background via Zoom to set the mood! A personalised background is a fun touch, and could even be used as a mini-surprise for the Bride!

Margaritas are a must for any Final Fiesta - check out this super simple recipe that you can send to all of your group to make sure you all have a drink on hand! Everyone loves tacos, so why not have a taco-making portion of the party? And because everyone is making their own, everyone can have all their favourite fillings!


Remember - just because it's virtual doesn't mean it'll be any less fun than a traditional Bachelorette, and you can always host an in-person bash in the future! The most important part is to show your Bride that you are there for her, and will stick by her side through thick and thin. We're sending lots of love to all Brides-to-be and Bachelorette groups during this tough time, and hope these fun ideas can bring a little bit of light to your day!


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