10 Coronavirus Tweets to make any Bride-to-Be Laugh

10 Coronavirus Tweets to make any Bride-to-Be Laugh

Covid-19 has impacted everyone, and has made normal life feel much less normal, and added in new challenges and upsets that we weren't prepared to face. As many of us know, one of the best ways to deal with challenging times is humour - so if you're looking for some relatable tweets to lighten the mood, this is the blog post for you! So check out these 10 tweets that any current Bride-to-Be will be able to relate to!


3. Creating a new level of bridal stress that only you and your fellow Covid Brides will be able to relate too!


4. At least your Bachelorette crew will have time to think of new and creative Bridal shower gifts.


5. Using toilet paper as a bargaining tool seems fair enough - it is a hot commodity.


6. You could also use it for some at-home wedding pics while you wait for your official big day!



7. Plus, at least you have some time to express your creativity and love for your Bridesmaids!



8. And you're already engaged, so you don't have to worry about dressing to impress - comfy is the way to go.



9. But overall, most Brides are just sick of the questions!




10. And would probably just like to be sent a virtual hug. 


If you're friends with a Bride-to-be, make sure you're sending her lots of support during this difficult time, and let all try to focus on the positive, although it seems very hard. This will, eventually, end, and think of how amazing your Bachelorette and Wedding will feel! No one else will be able to compare to that level of excitement!



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